Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hannah's Story

Hannah Bilton
Age 9
Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital

Within a nine-day period, the Bilton family faced a life-changing time when both mother and daughter began battling cancer together. Hannah was too young to fully understand her diagnosis of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at first. But, said her dad Jason, “She never questioned why and never looked back. She faced this demon trying to take over her body like a true superhero.”

Loved ones continually sing Hannah’s praises. “She’s tougher than a Louisville slugger and sweet as a Hershey’s Kiss,” said aunt Nancy. Hannah’s mom Wendy is perhaps Hannah’s biggest fan. The day before Wendy’s surgery, her 5-year-old daughter shocked her with these words: “Mom, you’re going to be okay. See, I had my port put in and I’m fine. It didn’t hurt. You’re going to be fine, too.”

Regardless of cancer’s hardships, Hannah never wanted to quit. She knew the treatments were needed to get her better, and she didn’t complain. “She faced this ugly monster called cancer with pure determination,” said Nancy. Two years later, Hannah overcame cancer and is now ready to resume life as a busy 9-year-old—without leukemia. Said Jason, “She can do whatever she puts her mind to while forever wearing her superhero cape.”

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