Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day One

Well, after a slight delay in Atlanta, we have made it to Disney. It was a very warm welcoming into the beautiful Coronado Springs Resort. Hannah and Savannah enjoyed playing games with the CMN volunteers. Hannah has already met quite a few of the other Champions. These kids are truly amazing. Savannah has met her a new friend Aidan. He is the champion from Illinois. Coronado Springs Resort is a very large place and seems that we will get plenty of exercise trying to cover the entire resort.

We went to Downtown Disney for dinner and ran into Aidan there. The girls enjoyed dancing and a limbo competition with him at the dance party there before dinner. Here are a couple pictures that we took today. We have breakfast at 8AM and then we will meet with Hannah Horne from WIS TV for an interview after breakfast. Thursday will be a busy day, but we are looking forward to it. Thanks to all that are keeping up with us on this wonderful trip.

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  1. Hello!!!!
    Love the pictures so keep those coming! You will have a blast meeting so many new people!
    Love Ya'll!!!

    Aunt Nancy Bilton