Friday, March 20, 2009

Medal Day

First of all, sorry that I didn't get to update last night. Yesterday was an amazing day, but very exhausting on all of us, especially the girls. It started early with breakfast with all the champions. Then John Schneider, one of the "good ol boys' from the Dukes of Hazzard spoke to everyone. He is one of the cofounders of Children's Miracle Network. At the end of breakfast, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, and Pluto came out for pictures. Savannah was so excited to see them. Then we met with the WIS Team for interviews that aired yesterday and last night. Hope they turned out good. We did have time to relax at the pool for a couple of hours yesterday which really tired out the girls.

We then had to get ready for the celebration last night. It was amazing. They fed us dinner and then we went into another ballroom where all the sponsors came around to each family to get autographs from the Champions. They treated the kids like movie stars. They actually provided each kid with a stamp for the autographs. Steve Young opened the concert by reading a book to all the kids. Then we went to the concert where Julianne Hough put on a great show. Hannah ended up getting to sing into the mic with Julianne along with a few of the other kids. Savannah was hilarious at the end of the show. All the kids got on stage and she of course was on the front row with the camera. It really was accidental that she had the camera. She was standing up right in front of Julianne snapping pictures with the camera. She actually got some incredible pictures.

This morning was the awards ceremony. It was an emotional but amazing ceremony. Mary Lou Retton was the guest speaker. All the kids were honored individually and received a medal. We are truly thankful for this opportunity. We have made new friendships with some these amazing Champion kids and their families. Hannah just shot a commercial with quarterback Steve Young and Hannah Horne from WIS. Look for it on the news today! Posted are a few of the pics from yesterday and last night. Also one of Savannah's pics. Maybe the start of a career for her. :-)
Thanks to all for following! Oh yeah, forgot to mention that Hannah got a serenade from country singer Mark Wills and I or may be I should say we all met Miss America.

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  1. Hey!
    Love all the pictures and WISTV is doing a fantastic job keeping us informed of your activities each day! Hannah you are doing GREAT in all of your interviews! The BLOG is so fun to read and I just love getting on here and reading about your day! Savannah does not surprise me a bit on her talents with the camera! Way to go, Savannah!!!! Hannah, I knew you would find a way to get to sing!!! I hope your Dad got you on video!!! I saw him on tv with his video camera as ya'll started into the ballroom.
    Love Always your biggest fan!!!!
    Aunt Nancy Bilton