Sunday, March 22, 2009

Last day at Disney

Well, we have survived Disney. Actually we have had an awesome time. We went to the Animal Kingdom first and spent most of the afternoon there. Then we stayed late last night at the Magic Kingdom. It was open until midnight. We got to ride alot of rides late because there were no lines. We stayed on a roller coaster four times in a row. Hannah rode Everest four times. That is an awesome roller coaster ride. We all road Splash Mountain. Even Savannah had fun dropping down the fifty foot drop into the briar patch. Of course, she is a daredevil.
We have our bags packed once again and will be leaving today at 1:30 to go to DC. The flight is going to have all the champion families on it. It should be very fun. All for now! I will put some of the latest pics on soon. We're hungry. Got to eat before the flight.


  1. Just found the blog today. I love the pictures. Hannah, I know you are having a great time. Tell Savannah that I said hello. Also, Wendy don't forget to tell the president that your "sister" said hello. Ha Ha.

    V. Funchess (EPS)

  2. Allied Air loves to see you guys having a great family vacation.